An encouraging email from our CSR partner Manav Sadhna

"Dear Brett and Secure Parking Team, 
It has been two months, since we have received the van from Secure Parking for the health project. We would like to convey our deepest gratitude, for the generous contribution from your end. The van has been a blessing, during the peak of the second wave of Covid in Ahmedabad (1st May’21 - 30th May'21); because of the van our health team could visit 58 covid positive patients with all the support required.
We are using the health van along with two health workers, to visit various centres and address various health issues in the community. The health workers, help us spread awareness about the vaccination amongst the community and do a general check-up in the community which includes checking Blood Pressure, Sugar, basic respiratory ailment, and other health complications if any.
In addition to the above, the health workers also check around 10-15 elderly people, on regular basis in the community along with follow-ups. Once again we would like to thank you for your help and support over the years. I am sharing some pictures of the health project. 
MANAV SADHNA | Gandhi Ashram | Ahmedabad-380027